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Poultry is a large sector where various people like farmers, rearers, breeders, planners, biologists, veterinarians, entrepreneurs and scientists are actively engaged. For the last five decades, people of many countries including India are attracted for the meat and eggs of poultry birds preferably chicken meat. Therefore, the production quantum of both poultry meat and egg is increased significantly in private and Government sector of India because of its nutritive value and affordability. Today, poultry sector is extended from chicken to Guinea fowl, goose, turkey, Japanese quail, duck and emu. Even, private entrepreneurs have come forward for the breeding and framing of big birds like emu successfully and effectively. This book focuses on the eggs of different varieties of birds like nine breeds of chick such as White Leghorn, Kalinga Brown, Black Rock, Red Cornish, V2Chabro,Dehlem Red, Rhode Island Red (RIR), Vanaraja, Aseel, and Kadaknath, three breeds of duck such as White pekin, khaki Campbell and Native variety and others like goose, pigeon, Guinea fowl, Japanese quail, turkey and emu. Both physical as well as biochemical characteristics have been analysed and interpreted exhaustively. Various types along with the components of the eggs of all the stated forms and varieties are illustrated, explained and tabulated which speaks as to the components of the eggs. It is believed that these analyses would throw light on the traits of eggs such as colour, texture,and chemical composition with nutritional value of the eggs of the available farmed poultry birds in India. Constructive suggestions if any will be highly appreciated.

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