Terms and conditions

Where to place your orders, queries and claims


Orders, queries, and claims for all Red Kart - Publications should be addressed to Red Kart , 48/41-42, DSIDC, Pocket-II, Mayur Vihar Phase-I, Delhi - 110 091(India), Phone: 91-11-45796900, 22754205, 22756995, Fax: 91-11-22754205

e-mail: sales@redkart.net, Website: www.redkart.net.


Publications will be invoiced only in INR to India and in US dollars (USD) to all other countries. Payment by using a credit card, debit card or net banking for the purchase, as well as any other payment method that our payment gateway supports.


Invoicing Currencies

Subscriptions are priced in INR to India and in US dollar (USD) for all other countries.


Customers Resident in the EU and VAT

Non-Value Added Tax (VAT) registered customers in the European Union (EU) should add the appropriate VAT rate applicable in their country to the prices. VAT-registered customers should include their VAT registration number with their order. In all other countries local taxes may apply. For delivery to Switzerland the appropriate VAT rate will be charged.


Conditions of Sale

All orders must be pre-paid. Most publications are supplied immediately on receipt of full payment in advance. The journals are supplied on a calendar-year basis in case of journals; some journals are available on an any-time start basis - these are indicated in our price list. All prices and publication dates are subject to change without notice. It is Red Kart policy not to publish unannounced volumes during the subscription period, except in circumstances outside our control.



Cancellations for the unfulfilled part of calendar-year journals are only accepted until 31 March of the current subscription year. Cancellations for the unfulfilled part of any-time start journals can be accepted at any time.


You can cancel single or multiple items by submitting the cancellation request, we'll send you a confirmation message along with the refund details to the e-mail address on your account.


You can also confirm that the order was cancelled by visiting Your Orders. If you see the order in the Cancelled Orders section, it was successfully cancelled.


There is a 10% service charge on all cancelled orders.


If your order has shipped:

After going Your Orders list Click on Request Cancellation button.

A refund will be initiated once the request is processed and in case you're still contacted for delivery, please refuse the delivery.


If your order consists of multiple shipments, then select the item(s) you wish to cancel and if multiple items are shipped in a single shipment, then clicking on 'Request Cancellation' button will cancel your entire order.


If you're unable to view the button, then please contact us.



Reasons for filing a claim

Buyers can file claims for any of the following reasons:

Order not received: The order never arrived, or it arrived after the maximum estimated delivery date.

Product not as described: The product the buyer received was materially different from the item represented on the product detail page. This covers products that are received damaged, defective, misclassified, misrepresented, or missing parts. Red Kart will ultimately determine whether a product is materially different.

Returned item not refunded: The buyer has returned the item, but the Red Kart has not issued a refund.

Refused return: Seller refused to accept a return request that complied with the applicable Red Kart return policies.


Timeframe for filing a claim

Claims may be filed within the time frames described here:

  • Buyers can first file a claim after the earlier of 3 calendar days after the maximum estimated delivery date, or 30 days after the order date.

  • Buyers have 90 days from the maximum estimated delivery date to file a claim. However, Red Kart reserves the right to accept claims after that time frame if we find an investigation into the matter is warranted.



Publications dispatched from Indian are sent by standard mail to all countries. Priority Mail rates are available on request.


Ordering Procedures

When ordering please include the following details for each publication:

  • Complete title(s);

  • Year and volume(s);

  • ISSN(s)/ISBN(s);

  • Full "send-to" address and full "end-user" address, including zip/postal code and country name (if this is different from the previous year, please include the old address);

  • Your current customer number;

  • The total value of the order


For the most efficient service, please send your orders along with payment to the appropriate location mentioned in the Payment Details Section below.


End User Information

It is a mandatory requirement for Subscription Agencies to supply the full end user name and address details, when placing subscription orders for delivery to a different address from that of the actual end user.


Address Changes.

Please notify us promptly of address changes, mentioning the old and new address, your customer number(s) and a complete list of the publications ordered. If possible, please enclose a copy of your existing address label from one of the items.


Back Volumes/Single Issues/Special Issues.

Providing set criteria is met we offer 25% discount on Back Volume orders, please contact us for more details. Single Issue and Special Issue prices are available on request. Return shipments for ordered and paid back volumes, single and special issues are not accepted. For certain Back Volumes we deliver Xerox copies and not originals.


Dispute Resolution

All Dispute Resolution subjects to Delhi jurisdiction.


Customer service office

Red Kart

48/41-42, DSIDC, Pocket-II

Mayur Vihar Phase-I

Delhi - 110 091(India)

Phone: 91-11-45796900, 22754205, 22756995, Fax: 91-11-22754205

E-mail: sales@redkart.net

Website: www.redkart.net