Books - Beyond Medicine: A to E for Medical Professionals (English)- Nov 27, 2022

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Many medical professionals are doing wonderful, dedicated, and admirable work. Research and technological developments have enhanced medical capabilities to help patients manifold. However, the existing medical professionals are unhappy in the profession and the youngsters are shying away from this profession. What could have changed so suddenly to cause disappointment in this noble profession? There are several reasons for this, but the patient’s lack of trust and respect for the medical profession leading to violence is the most important cause. We need to improve the doctor-patient relationship quickly because the good health of the citizens is essential for the prosperity of the nation. The solution to violence is unraveled in this book. It is Beyond Medicine. The key to this solution is in the A to E for the medical professionals. Our education system from childhood was informative. This led to a lack of motivation among youngsters. Medical education in the past heavily relied upon giving the medical knowledge, skills, and experience to the medical trainees. Many other skills beyond these determine the success of the medical professionals. The new competency-based medical curriculum tries to address these lacunae. This book defines these skills and the ways to obtain them. Currently, there is a severe paucity of such books to help medical professionals beyond the scope of medicine. All 54 competencies of AETCOM module are well covered in this book. It will help you to connect with people by being a good listener, sharer, and carer. It will become a lifetime resource for you to enjoy your professional work and win the trust and respect of your patients. We believe the book will transform you into a true leader with extraordinary professional and human skills. The authors are experts in the field of communication skills and personality development of the medical trainees. Dr. Kalidas Chavan did his Ph.D. on the role of communication skills in improving the Doctor-Patient relationship. Dr. Sandeep Mane conducted communication skills training in the UK for international doctors coming to the UK for training. He was in charge of the practical skills training at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, London. In association with the MUHS, he conducted the “Susanwaad Abhiyaan” across Maharashtra to offer communication skills training to the trainees. Dr. Sunil Thitame is working in the field of communication skills in public health for the last five years. He has participated as a lead trainer in the workshops on Communication Skills for the postgraduate students. He has done extensive work on the role of communication skills in health care delivery and published the research articles in reputed journals. The team of authors enjoyed working together to bring this book for the benefit of the medical professionals. Our dream is to help the medical professionals to become service-oriented and socially responsible. This book will transform our medical professionals and make them ready to serve humanity at par with the best professional standards of the world.

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Dr. Kalidas Chavan, Dr. Sandeep Mane & Dr. Sunil Thitame

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