Books - Biochemical and Pharmacological Variations in Venomous Secretion of Toad (Bufo melanostictus) (English)- Nov 27, 2022

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Vertabrate integument is the outer most covering which protects the animal form the environmental hazards. The amphibians have evolved differenct morphological, the toads belonging to genus Bufo are characterized by the presence of rich granular glands concentrated into discrete parotoid glands just behind the eyes and tympanum. The epidermal glands in amphibians are more evolved and are alveolar structures formed by the lining of cells are concentrated into Venomous glands(Parotoid glands). The concentration of venom is grater in skin, it is also found in the blood, the internal organs, and the eggs of some amphiabian species. The toads of genus Bufo have attracted attention of the scientific investigation becuase of many of the compounds present in granular gland secretions have physiogoical, antimicrobial and pharmacological, therapeutically singicant compounds. They are also notorious for the alleged psychedelic actions of parotoid gland secretion. However, not much work has been carried out on toad secretions in India as compared to the rest of the world. Though, the jacket(coat) of some of the most toads might just be the treasure house, storing some of the best parmaceutical promises. Therfore, there is an urgent need to foucs on toads research to documentation and utility of toad secretions from various biochemical and pharmacological ways in India. The present study is an effort to enlighten the importance of Indian common toad Bufo Melanostictus Skin, Parotoid gland secrtions. Our present study is preliminary study and rquires more sstudies to evaluate traditonal use and also to isolate the bioactive chemical constituents which are treasure house for devlopment of novel drugs against several patho-physiological conditions such as stroke, depression, cancer, inflammation, seizures and convulsions, memory and learning dysfunction and other neurodegenerative diseases..

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Dr. Thirupathi Koila & Dr. Venkaiah Yanamala

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Red Flower Publications
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Review of Biochemical and Pharmacological Variations in Venomous Secretion of Toad (Bufo melanostictus) (English)

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