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The socio-cultural and historical marginalization of the tribes that had begun in the pre-colonial periods was also strengthened through the colonial discourses on race and culture. Historical discourse has also been largely silent on the subject of tribe history, which now is being resurrected from these silent spaces. Literature is another area of discourse that has sought to represent tribe life through various genres and languages. There are many works dealing with the “Tribe Theme” in both English and regional languages of India. The first article is entitled Chhotanagpur an Untold History is presenting a Historical enquiry about the tribal communities in Jharkhand and their cultural practices since a long time. Second article is clarifying the nomenclature of Chhotanagpur region that how this name has been for this territory and also explain the interconnectedness between the term and contradictions. Third paper is explaining the process of Hinduisation of tribe of Jharkhand with the four layer conversion which has presented the outline of Hinduisation process. Fourth article is related to the governance system among tribe women of Santhal Parganas. Fifth article is related with the system of youth migration in Jharkhand its impact and factors responsible for the movement of tribe people to other areas. Sixth article is associated with the concern of development of Ranchi city in Global context and leisure activities of tribe people. Seventh article is explaining the status of discrimination among tribe girls and boys in rural areas. Eight article is related with the Global challenges which the tribe of Ranchi city are facing in recent era. Ninth paper has highlighted the most burning issues of tribe communities i.e. their right and perception about the Jal, Jungle and Zameen which is explained through the interpretative analysis of Chhotanagpur tenancy act. In the tenth paper I had highlighted the impact of Globalisation on tribe of Jharkhand region.And Lastly I have tried to bridge the gap between the law and tribe society of Jharkhand. This book is basically focused over the unique fictional technique combines historical fact and the narratives embedded in tribe myth and memory, to create works that offer new and alternative perspectives on the discourse on tribes in Jharkhand.

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Ambrish Gautam

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Red Flower Publications
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