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Toxicology is a notoriously difficult subject to master considering the volume of information that needs to be memorized. Critical Care Nursing in Emergency Toxicology is the need of the hour. The authors have made easier to remember all this, with the help of quirky mnemonics, toxic poems, easy recalls & point wise discussion. It has authentic knowledge from the latest concepts in managing poisoning. Simple words are used with least medical jargon, easy to understand and recall for the health care providers. Highlights of this Book includes: Toxidromal approach in examination & diagnosis, Crime Scene Investigation (CSi) by Toxic Detective Nurse in poisoning, Accreditation norms for drug management in ER, Dosing & Dilution in toxicology, Mega-doses of antidotes available in pharmacy, Chain of custody for samples to forensic lab, Physical restraints & chemical restraints in violent intoxicated patients, Involuntary admission in psychiatric drug addict patients, Precautions in nursing suicidal attempters after poisoning, Narcotic drugs in double lock under NDPS act, Nursing Drug addicts & Alcohol Withdrawal patients, Nursing Precautions in Opioid dependent Cancer patients, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) in toxicology, Organ transplantation in toxicology. Toxic Poems by Toxic Detective: Poems & Paintings for Prevention of Poisoning in Paediatrics. An unconventional literary approach to learn and teach Drug Overdoses, Venomous bites & stings related Poisonings in Rhymes includes Drinking Driving, Enough is Enough, What to Eat, What to Drink, and What to Leave for Poison, Kiss of life, Saving lives from autopsy knives, Snakebite, Snake poem, Long snake- Little wound- Larger damages- Lives Lost, Viper bites, Scorpion Stings, Pesticides, Coral Snakes Rhyme, Atropa Belladona, Colouring pages for venomous snakes, ants, bee, wasp, scorpions, poisonous plants- opium, Dhatura. The environment in Emergency & Intensive care is very stressful & challenging, not only for the budding nurses & resident doctors, who don’t have the experience & expertise to manage the fatal poisoning exposures, but also for toxicology nurses & emergency doctors, due to unpredictable outcome & high risk of mortality & morbidity, managing at odd hours in midnight duties, while overcoming their sleep & exhaustion, for which this book will be the to be read & consulted, at a stressful location (ICU, Emergency. Crime Scene Etc.,) as a Stress-Buster to Stressed & Burned-out Nurses & Doctors; as well as a Myth-Buster (to administer antidote or not, to do gastric lavage or not), and this book will be this year’s Block-Buster (Indian ICU Nursing Book on Emergency Toxicology).

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Dr. Vivekanshu Verma, Capt. Sandhya Shankar Pandey & Dr. Atul Bansal

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Red Flower Publications
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