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Books - Digital Payments (Blue Print for Shining India) (English) - Dec 22, 2020

Author(s) - Dr. Bishnu Prasad Patro

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About The Book
"Digital Payment", Blueprint for Shining India. The name is enough to justify the purpose of this book. This book is the road map for the progression of any country. Sooner the implementation of digital payment by any country will soon shine in every sphere of life. This book is intended to develop faith within any person to another person across the table. It enables an honest person to remain honest and others to adopt honesty without a choice.
Publication Details
Book Title : Digital Payments (Blue Print for Shining India)
Author/Editor : Dr. Bishnu Prasad Patro
Publisher : Red Flower Publications
p-ISSN : Red Flower Publications
ISBN(Print) : 978-81-949200-4-5
ISBN(Electronic) :
Edition : 1st
Date of Publication : 2020-12-22
Page : 188
Language : English
Category : Books
Format type : Print
Blinding Type : Paperback
Book Series : Non Series
Book Source URL : http://www.rfppl.co.in/bookdetailsinformation.php?mid=2&id=108

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