Books - Patient Care Management (Handbook for the Hospital & Community Pharmacists) (English)- Nov 28, 2022

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The book focuses on pharmacists’ contribution towards patient care from prescribing, dispensing/ compounding, administering and monitoring of drugs they have in home, hospital, community, hospice, critical care, changeover or any other care settings. The contents are mostly taken from author’s own published articles from 2018 to 2019 related to patientcare, with most recent ideas and activities of patientcare pharmacists around the globe. The expanded role of pharmacists uplifts them close to patient care from dispensing and manufacturing or marketing of drugs. The goal of high quality, cost-effective and accessible healthcare for patients is achieved through team-based patient-centered care. Along with doctors and allied healthcare professionals, pharmacists are now an integral part of patientcare. A career focused book may contribute signi cant ideas to them for their profession. The purpose of the book is to guide the patient care pharmacists in their day to day activities. Along with guidelines, the book encloses ideas about patient dealing, patient rights, ethical decision making, professionalism. At every chapter, the role of pharmacists in that chapter speci c issues are detailed explicitly so that a professional pharmacist or a student can  gure out his or her do’s and not to do’s in that speci c situations. Moreover, further reading references are listed to follow guidelines further. So, the book is an archive of potential references too.Among so many books on clinical pharmacy, hospital and community care pharmacy the role of pharmacists in patient care is rarely highlighted with a very little information. The sector is emerging in both developed and under-developed countries. In most of the books, either doctors’ or nurses’ roles are highlighted. The proposed book highlights pharmacists’ roles and responsibilities to the most, separated from those of doctors and nurses, with most recent information obtained from recently published articles of several journals, books, newsletters, magazines etc.

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A.K. Mohiuddin

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Red Flower Publications
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