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Introduction to different dosage form deals with types of dosage form and its importance compare to other dosage forms and also explained about a model drug delivery system currently available in markets. Introduction to Indian pharmacopoeia deals with history of Indian pharmacopoeia and different editions of Indian pharmacopoeia established by Indian pharmacopoeia commission with reference to IP monograph.Metrology deals with conversion of Metric Weights and Measures and also explain the role of allegation method with isotonic solutions. Packing of pharmaceuticals explains different materials involved in packaging and steps involved in packaging with reference about application, merits and demerits of different materials used in packaging and special reference with aerosol packaging. Size reduction deals with different equipment used for size reduction in industrial view and its mechanism of working with neat and understandable diagrammatic representative manner and also the application of a equipment in different point of view. Size separation deals with separation of particle using mechanical and sedimentation methods and also the role of instruments in it. Explain briefly about the novel technic involved in size separation Mixing and homogenization deals with study of various mixing equipments such as planetary mixer, double cone mixer, propeller mixer etc and its role in mixing purpose. Clarification and filtration deals with theory of filtration and different types of filter aid used for filtration purpose. Extraction processes deals with Study of percolation and maceration and their modification, continuous hot extraction-Application in the preparation of tinctures and extracts. Introduction to ayurvedic dosage forms. Heat process deals with Evaporation Definition and Factors affecting evaporation , study of evaporating still and Evaporating pan.Distillation deals with Simple distillation and Fractional distillation, steam distillation and vacuum distillation. Study of vacuum still, preparation of purified water I.P. and water for Injection I.P. construction and working of the still used for the same. Introduction to drying processes explains about study of Tray Dryers; Fluidized Bed Dryer, Vacuum Dryer and Freeze Dryer.Sterilization gives a brief note on Sterilization with moist heat, Dry heat sterilization, Sterilization by radiation, Sterilization by filtration and Gaseous sterilization. Processing of tablets deals with different type of compressed tables and their properties. Processes involved in the production of tablets; Tablets excipients ; Defects in tablets; Evaluation of Tablets; Physical standards including Disintegration and Dissolution. Tablet coating-sugar coating; films coating, enteric coating and micro-encapsulation. Processing of capsules -Hard and soft gelatin capsules; different sizes of capsules; filling of capsules; handling and storage of capsules. Special applications of capsules Immunity and immunological products explains briefly about the sera, vaccines, toxoids & their preparations.

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