Books - Skeletal and structural organizations of Human Body (English)- Nov 28, 2022

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In the past fifty years or so there have been many changes that have shaped how students learn human anatomy with curriculum becoming either more integrated or more system based. An explosion of information in acquisition of knowledge in every discipline has been a force in driving curriculum change as it increases the amount to be learnt without necessarily increasing the time available. With these changes it was realized that a new text to be written that would allow students to learn anatomy. I eventually decided upon a simple approach with each chapter having four consecutive sections: Chapter Outlines, Gross Features, Microscopic Structure, and Applied Anatomy. The Chapter Outline provides the basis on which the contents of the chapter will be built. This portion of the chapter can be utilized by the students who only require a basic level of understanding and can also be read a summary of the important required for mastering the chapter. The Gross Features provide more detailed anatomy along with a substantial amount of relevant clinical correlation. It is not an exhaustive description but instead provides information to a level that is necessary for understanding the structural and/or functional plan of any particular organ. Microscopic Structure of any organ has been described with the text dealing with salient features and is supported by photomicrographs and line drawings for more clarity. An attempt to correlate the gross and histological has been done. Applied Anatomy in the final section of every chapter represents the third level of clinical aspect regarding any organ. Illustrations are an integral part of any text. They must depict the reader with a conceptual image of the region that brings text to life and presents views that will assist in the understanding of the regional anatomy. The illustrations are drawn by the author himself designed to integrate the text in new ways, and to provide a conceptual framework for building further understanding the description. Standard conventional colors have been used throughout the book except when indicated specifically. I felt that there are many outstanding textbooks covering the section areas described in this book, hence trying to cover ridiculously simple presentation would produce a text of greater usefulness, in the limited size of the book. I repeat that the text contents in this book are not exhaustive in coverage, but provide enough anatomical facts to provide majority of students a comprehensive structural and clinical material for their use in traditional /systemic, and problem-based curricula, and, therefore, will be particularly beneficial to students who want to revise anatomy in minimal time especially during the examination period.

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