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Anthropology is a bio-social science which systematically studies humans in totality to understand its evolutionary origins, uniqueness and diversity in time and space. Traditionally, anthropological researches are recognized for the study in small societies for undertaking holistic research. But, the recent trends in anthropological researches focus on all human societies without losing its typical integrative and holistic approach along with field orientation. In general, anthropological research adopts relative, chronological and ethnographic approach to study man along with its society and culture in terms of evolution, variation and adaptation. Broadly anthropological researches can be categorized into its three subfields namely sociocultural, biological and prehistoric archaeology. This book is a collection of research papers from all subfields of anthropology focusing different issues of man and thus would be helpful for scholars of anthropology, who study man in a holistic perspective.

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Dr. Rangya Gachui & Dr. Jyoti Ratan Ghosh

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Red Flower Publications
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